The One Called Nappy

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Taking the high road is so overrated. Its fun to play down with the muk and the grime of the world. I have no problem getting dirty. Its more fun

The hatred inside me is growing. At this rate ill be on the darkside in no time

Im halfway across the world with no real friends and i cant even talk to people bc of the time difference. I truly am alone

Today I changed as a man. I have filled my heart with hate. There is no room for anything else. Im used to it in my heart but it has taken over. Luckily i know how to use it. My biological father has lost his throne on my hate list after 23 years. didnt think it was possible

went from 300lbs to 165lbs

hahaha i just realized that allowing a threesome in my bed at home means i have to buy a new bed and mattress when i get back. That one is dead to me and makes me sick to my stomach


Waterfalls, 무건리, Korea by Jong Soo Choi